Twenty years after the birth of  YSL TOUCH ECLAT highlighter pen-concelear, Yves Saint Laurent takes a technology and transposes the mythical magic of the brush in a foundation, to achieve the same light on the entire face. 2012 Yves Saint Laurent is a real challenge: to integrate the magical light of Radiant Touch in a foundation. With a product sold every 10 seconds, TOUCH ECLAT is a product icon who paved the way of light in the world of makeup and has imposed another way to sublimate the complexion, without overloading it.

 Like the pen YSL LE TEINT TOUCH ECLAT  holds a unique and challenging format to target areas of shade and enhance the reliefs. A magical light infused into effect without a fluid material. A texture that does not mask, to release the traits of women. With opacifying material powder that unifies and softens imperfections, without wiping the volumes of natural face. Never complexion was as pure and living with the ultimate touch of sophistication that makes the singularity of makeup products signed Yves Saint Laurent. With TOUCH ECLAT THE FOUNDATION, the skin is beautiful, the face is expressive. Custom made to highlight every woman, when the skin and the light become one.YSL LE TEINT TOUCH ECLAT .

 A foundation of light revealing expression. Perfection without material effect. In 22 shades.

available from: 9 July .


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