I know that my readers  love the  Guerlain Parure line. Therefore, many are interested in the following  news. In September  issue A NEW FOUNDATION Guerlain Parure de Lumière, who will be reccomend not only for moisturizing the skin, but for the glow,too.


Perfect complexion radiance depends primarily on the excellent condition of the skin, so the Parure de Lumière were conceived as a make-up, combining the functions of care. "Smart Care", as this treatment has a first tone to the skin, which then improves the complexion.
As they say, based on new items - sea water source, natural reserve, located at a depth of 22 meters. The composition is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements, particularly manganese and silicon, provides a perfect Water active properties and excellent wetting force. Therefore, the skin looks smooth and fresh. Her ideal hydration and firmness manifested in the absolute brightness and radiance of the complexion.
Also in the technology developed on the basis Météorites, pigments, Prisma Light 360, combining the two types of fluorescent microspheres placed on the skin surface, reproducing her pure and dazzling light.
It remains to wait until September to try the novelty.

So, the packaging is very elegant, Guerlain made. I think it will be nearly a Tinted moisturizer, in a beautiful pack.        I will try it!
 I hope they will realese many shades for fit several skintones.
What do you think about this new foundation?! Do you wanna try it ?


  1. Woooooow è da un mese che sono incuriosita da questo brand... In realtà lo sono sempre stata, ma ho deciso che il mio prossimo fondo invernale sarà firmato Guerlain. Nello specifico, questo prodotto non penso sia adatto alla mia pelle mista, ma sono sicura che troverò quello adatto alle mie esigenze!!!! Ciaooooooo

    1. Ciao cara,
      sai quale fondo guerlain potrebbe fare per te: il Lingerie de peau!
      vai a controllare le nuance in profumeria. lo fanno anche in versione compatta.
      Questo Parure lumiere invece mi sembra troppo "glow" per la tua pelle.
      un bacione, Miss

    2. Si verissimo... questo non è adatto!!!! :-) Vedrò sicuramente :-) se ti può far piacere passa da me

      A presto ;-)


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