DIOR 651 NUDE GLOW fall 2012

Dior 651 Nude Glow is a peachy nude palette, with a matte black liner shade (used: wet or dry).

Dior 3 coleurs:  You slide open the cover, and a mirror slides up, and you see the three colours - 2 main colors, and a liner shade. 

Here is the product description and how to apply it 
Within the exclusive 3 couleurs glow sliding case lies the secret to naturally luminous, dramatic and couture eyes.  In 3 easy steps, our 3 new-generation fusion formula enhance your eyes with nude or pastel shades, a highlighter and a liner to define them. 
- a satiny nude or pastel EYESHADOW with an ultra-fine texture melts into the skin.  Apply to eyelid and blend.
- a HIGHLIGHTER shade with a wet-look finish illuminates the eyes.  Dab on the center of the eyelid and the inner and outer corners of the eye.  
- A powder LINER is applied to the upper lash line to define the eyes and create the ultimate fashion touch.

Easy to take with you, in your bathroom, in your makeup-purse and very travel friendly size, this issue is good for who is looking for a neutral every day shade with a black liner (all in one palette).

availability: august 2012 with the Dior golden jungle coll. FALL 2012


  1. wow! just stumbled across your blog and i love your review of these shadows! :) i could use a good makeup blog to read!

    let's follow each other! :) following you now, please follow me back!


  2. what a great blog:) keep it up! your new follower!

  3. These are really nice colours. actually I like all kind of brown eyeshadows and I also love make up especially nailpolish,so of course I will follow you:)


  4. Eccomi da te..scusa se ci ho messo un po' ma non riuscivo ad avere una connessione decente!
    bellissima questa palette di Dior colori che amo e che uso di solito.
    Ti seguo

  5. sembrano bellissimi! Bello questo acquisto!

  6. I really like this review. Do you have anywhere in particular you suggest to buy from? THank you for sharing :)

    xo Jess

    1. Hi! I think in Nordstrom for US market. in the others country, the entire collection will arrive on stores at END OF AUGUST. very nice collection!!

  7. I want this!

    We're an online consignment shop, check us out! xox


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