DIOR GOLDEN JUNGLE fall 2012 collection

Dior Golden Jungle for fall (a\w) 2012,
a game of natural , leopard and khaki print...including a nail polishes duo in khaki and gold, which promise a "crocodile crakly effect".
I love the new brown polish, too!!

Dior "three" shadows 3 Couleurs Glow, Ivory Glow is very light and beige Nude Glow, each with a black eyeliner.    fantastic items! so simple, so nice.

2 new Diorblush

Khaki designer eye palette and
a gold, a khaki Amazon and a brown Bengal (my fav!!) nail polishes.
Dior 5 coleurs 774 Golden Savannah
(a very fall palette in a game of beiges and browns)

Star product for the eye and lip gloss all in one - two pallets Golden Jungle Palette
the trio of matte, pearly and shiny neutral shades. Two harmony, Golden Browns and Golden Kakis.

4 new shades of Dior Addict, Wild, Instinct, Fatale, Daring.
So life it's a jungle, but in gold, leopard print version :) . If I have more news about name of products, I'll write them for you.
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  2. Great post dear!!! I like these make up!!

  3. love the color pallete of the shadows, simply beautiful :D

    love the blog ;) following!


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  5. Ciao!! Sai dirmi se la palette designer è in edizione limitata?? Baci, Ele

    1. Ciao Ele, secondo me la palette designer non è una e.limitata, ma cmq quando esce, affrettati a prenderla se ti piace, perchè dior è abbastanza discontinuo con le sue p. designer, e non sempre le ritrovi in tutti i negozi!!
      baci cara.


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