Hi girls,
for me summer is joy, sun, sea&beach but also "eyeliner smudge problems".
Every summer I need a Long lasting formula. That don't smudge, work, don't fall out, and last since evening party's :)
The 1st option that I've found is : Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner.
Inside the pack there is a professional brush for eyeliner , sold toghether the eyeliner, too.
It's my "every day way to go". Yes, whit the brush you can do a thiny line.
blackest than black, of course. 
don't smudge, don't fall out. It last from breakfast to evening, when I remove it with my eyemake up oil remover . then I have choice:

For a 50ties, rockabilly look
Kiko Definition eyeliner.
It's a liquid eyeliner, so you must be "handly" for use it.
If you are an hubs, very practice with liquid eyeliner, this one WORK FOR YOU!!
From a thiny to bigger line, you can decide your style.
Long lasting and elegant effect, too.

Ok, the latest for me, for this summer 2012 is:

Deborah extra eyepencil  in 05
It's a brown with some gold shimmer PENCIL liner.
More summer, than a brown-taupe winter eyepencil.
long lasting too.
i have thought: "a woman must have 2 liners colours in her purse: black and brown"
and then the others colours...but You can't never miss black and brown. They are the make up basis!

thank you for following:)


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