Girls, I love them ! I was in Sephora and  tried this new Lancome lipstick.
Rouge In Love is available in 27 captivating shades. Each one has its own name, its own story... Inspired by three different moments during the day of a modern and stylish young woman the colour palette is divided into three colour universes.morning (natural pink - brown colors and wearable)
Jolis Matins 
106M Jolis Matins, a nude beige shade
163M Dans ses Bras A comfortable morning red
230M Rouge Rendez-vous A copper shade
240M Rose en Déshabillé A deep cashmere brown
275M Jolie Rosalie is a mauve-berry
322M Corail in Love is light, warm, springy pink 
300M Beige Dentelle Beige
353M Roses in Love is a cool rose-pink with gold sparkles.

106M is the color for girls with Pale lips, 322 M is the "nude" for Deep lips girls. It's a natural warm pink shade. MY FAVOURITE FOR THE MORNING. 

If Rouge In Love is so indispensable, it’s because it achieves the perfect balance: radiant shades in a surprisingly light textureThe texture melts on application, leaving a concentrate of colour on the lips. At the heart of its formula lies a colour protecting creamy wax that forms a fine film on the surface of the lips on which pigments and satiny agents are shielded. With stunning colour, enduring hydration and striking shine, lips feel smooth and soft thanks to the nourishing and protecting oils.
afternoon Boudoir Time (my fav moment of the day. when a girl is ready for go out with friends)
146B Miss Coquelicot is a tropical-fruit coral.
159B Rouge in Love The Emma Watson rouge.
156B Madame Tulip is a deeper orange-red with gold sparkles. 
200B Lasting Kiss is a fairly opaque beige-pink nude
278B Divine Seduction is a warm red-brown. 
340B Rose Boudoir is a hot, hibiscus bright pink. 
351B Rose de Soupirants amazing fuchsia-pink
381B Violette Coquette is bright grape purple

Gorgeous 340B, I adore bright  pinky shades.

 For the evening moment: Tonight is My Night a game of  bold, deep shades.

181N Rouge Saint Honore is a cooler cherry red 
170N Sequence of Love is a warm red.
185N Rouge Valentine is a cool cherry pink-red.
287N Sultry Simplicity is a more sheer, less-red brown with a few gold sparkles.
292N Cocoa Couture is a chestnut, rum-raisin, red-chocolate brown.
277N Violine Lamée a cherry brown shade
377N Midnight Rose is a saturated fuchsia pink.
379N Rose Sulfureuse deep violet shade.

377 N is very fascinating! Insolently sexy...

Next time you'll go to Sephora, give them a look, try them.
For me they are mosturizing and the color last from 2 to 3 hours without touch-up.
I have found them irresistible and I'll take one for the morning and one for the afternoon!!
I'm happy to have written you all the name of the colours in the range, so you can write it on your block-notes and swach your favourite in the stores. For me the fuchsia-pinky range is the best.
Thank you for following :)


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