Hi girls,
I have bought and tried, with very pleasure the new Trio Hi-tech palette from Deborah Milano.
Usually I don't look at the low cost brands. I prefer Chanel, Dior, but this saturday is my husband' birthday (40 yrs old.), so we will make a birthday'party.
My dress will be light blue. I have thought: which eyeshadow (turquoise or blue, that look really nice and can bright brown eyes) can I put on my lids? PANIC !!
I haven't light blue eyeshadows.
So I went to my nearest drugstore and found this: Deborah Milano trio hi-tech in 06 Out of the blue.
I use the turquoise all over the lid, blue on the corner and light grey under the browbone.
I realised a super effect :) . turquoise and blue are very summer, sunny days friendly and have the power to bright brown eyes.
On sunday I will make some swatch or video about this palette.
I reccomend it, if you are looking for "budget" colours and for a easy to take shade.

The Eyeshadow Trio Hi-Tech contains, three shades in one palette in harmony wear, mix and blend as desired, both dry and wet.

the texture
 Reflections ultra-pearl for exceptional brightness. DeborahGroup Laboratories have developed a new formula to make the eyeshadow Trio Hi-Techeven more powerfulIts texturesilky and velvety to the touch allows you to create endless effectsSmudge easilyin fact allows to modulate the intensity and brightness of colordepending on its use dry or wetdry for a luminous and refined resultwet for a more intense and metal.

the shades
To emphasize once again his passion for colorDeborah Milano has decided to bring the new Eyeshadow Trio Hi-Tech 8 harmonies.
Any shade, in fact, can be worn alone or combined and mixed with the other two shades to create reflections on the eyelids.

01 - Smoky Ethereal
02 - Bronze Goddess
03 - Into the Blue Sky
04 - Deluxe Purple
05 - Rose Elegance
06 - Out Of The Blue
07 - Green Chic
08 - Sparkly Night

the packaging
In addition to the formula, even the shape of the new Eye Shadow Trio Hi-Tech has been renovated.
 The new packaging lines are sinuous and ergonomic.


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