NEW! MISS PUPA LIPSTICK from today in Italian stores

30 new shades of this lipstick-gloss (very similar to the new Dior Addict Extreme in texture, but these of Pupa are less expensive and for the drugstore market).

Pupa is one of my drugstore favourite brand. I like rimmel, l'oreal, deborah milano and PUPA.
I felt in love with this brand when I have purchased for the first time its dupe of Paradoxal and Particuliere Chanel nail polishes.
By the way...In the range there are: 6 types of shades (each with 4 lipstick-gloss). 
Charming nude;
Faboulous pink;
Sweet rose;
Orange escape;
Red passion;
Luxury beige.

So, today I have seen all these shades on the drugstore:
-Charming nude range are stunning!
-Faboulous pink suit at best at girl with blonde hair and pale skin.
-Sweet rose is amazing! a game of rose-mauve-fuchsia!! my fav. shades.
-Orange escape is a so lovely shade for summer period.
-Red passion range are amazing.
-Luxury beige...I personally don't like so much these shades...but It can suit to many others skintones.

In the best drugstore' counters from today 11 May 2012.


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