Hi girls,
Yes, all are high brand, but which are moisturizing?
Moisturizing effect is the 1st thing that I ask to a lipstick (then color and packaging)

I have tried several brands and lipsticks texture but, the best with moisturizing effect is:

-Dior Rouge lipstick
An extraordinary range of 32 colors that are inspired by luxury and colorful dresses of Dior Haute Coutureto reveal the beauty of a triumphant and radiant femininityThis lipstick gives lips the exceptional beauty of a youth full, perfectly drawn, instantly and day after day.
The secret? A new generation of hyaluronic acid spheres, Generously wrapped pigment on the surface of the lipsthese balls contribute to increasing the brightness and the color intensity.
The Haute Couture midnight blue packaging with the "cannage" motive, dear to the House,
 made ​​even more remarkable by its unique brilliance and incision of the Dior logo on the stick.
Pure luxury. real moisturizing effects.
Approved purchase by Misspeony.
i will write a new post with the lipstick shades selected for every season'girls.


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