Hi girls,
Also Maybelline has created a BB CREAM (Blemish Balms, touted to provide coverage as well as skincare benefits. In practice, a lot of BB creams are similar to creamy foundations and thick tinted moisturizers).
The mousse was developed in Japan -I hope it will come soon in America, Europe, Russia and Asia, too- and contains micro minerals and B. B. ingredients. It’s supposed to be an 8-in-1 skincare solution, where the eight benefits are:
 1) In depth hydration
2) Brightening of skin tone
3) Leaving skin suppler
4) Smoothing out of pores
5) Lifting of dullness
6) Redness reduction
7) Skin texture redefinition
8) Protection against UV rays with SPF 30 / PA +++
Formulated with 8 pure minerals.
Evens skintone, can be used as a makeup primer or wear alone.Suitable for all skin tones and types.
Very buildable formula.
The Pure Mineral BB Mousse is dispensed through a can bottle with a pump top.


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