Giorgio Armani Cosmetics premieres a cutting edge color formulation process: the Color Shine Moisture Polymer, a revolutionary component able to retain twice its volume of water, enhance color luminosity while locking in hydration on the lip surface for over 8 hours.
 At the core of the formula is a translucent base – different to the opaque one of classic lipsticks– that allows to intensify the color without having to add the traditional pearls. The result is a lipstick with a creamy texture, feather light and translucent, that is as hydrating as a balm. The brilliant bold color is wearable and chic.

Rouge d’Armani Sheers are offered in a range of vivid and elegant shades. Three shades hovering between pure orange and pink-orange: Acid Tangerine 300, Tokyo Coral 301, and Orange Mutation 302. Three incandescent reds, sheer versions of Rouge d’Armani 400: Red Carpet 400, Ripe 401, Scarlato 402. Three lively transparent pinks: Ecstasy 500, Vita 501, Blush 502. Three purple shades of variable intensity: Bitten 600, Tulipe Noire 601, Black Laquer 602.



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