A soft mineral blush powder that glides perfectly over skin and blends naturally and evenly. Available in 6 shade harmonies.

Beauty Benefits:
This soft mineral blush powder glides perfectly over skin and blends naturally and evenly. Each luminous harmony is accompanied by a complementary shade duo to highlight cheekbones with an immediate and natural-looking glow. Matte colours for a natural result and iridescent effects to complement. Catches light and enhances facial features. New gold packaging, engraved leaf, mirror, high quality brush.

The matte shade sculpts the face while the iridescent shade enhances facial contours by catching the light.

Active Ingredients:
Mineral pigments and plant extracts for a new generation texture. Bamboo powder and tomato extract: ensure a radiant, healthy glow.

In 6 natural shades:

01 lovely rose
02 Tender Peach
03 Miami Pink

04 Sunset Coral

05 Rosewood
06 Spicy Mocha

I'm tempted to buy 03 Miami Pink and 04 Sunset Coral.


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