Giorgio Armani applies the same philosophy from his fashion to his make-up: enhance the natural. Light is magnified and exalted by the finest of materials.And then you get, distinctively radiant skin.

The Designer Lift make up, gives you full coverage in the most featherlight texture there is.
The skin is cloaked in a matte and luminous veil. The texture, rich in active ingredients, enhances the youthfulness of the face.

Just like Couture, the difference is in the details. Designer lift’s added extra is an unusual hint of Prussian blue pearliser. A bold addition that brings a new freshness to the complexion.
Nothing is more difficult to achieve than apparent simplicity. The best of Giorgio Armani technology is combined in this formula. A natural result is guaranteed and reached easily, as if it was the work of a practiced make-up artist.

 Linda Cantello the famous make up artist of celebrities talks about Designer Lift.
What is so special about Designer lift?

Linda Cantello: A featherlight, extremely fine and supple texture that allows illuminate the face without creating a mask effect or emphasising the slightest wrinkle… A real rejuvenating foundation. Its great, its imperceptibility.
 What is your application technique?
I always dab Designer lift onto the T-zone, then I smooth it outwards across the face using the Designer lift brush.
What makes Designer Lift a distinctively Armani formula?
When you see a woman wearing Giorgio Armani, you say to yourself that she is seductive and stylish… Not that she is “well dressed”. The clothing has a revelatory effect. It’s the same thing with Designer lift : you see beautiful skin not made-up skin.


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