NEW! Chanel Chance twist and spray



  Chance, Chance Eau Fraîche and Chance Eau Tendre will be available in a twist and spray package.
The sparkling freshness of CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE is now rendered into a convenient twist and spray form that slips easily into a handbag, weekender or suitcase.
Chance – Floral – Eau de Toilette was designed in 2003
This perfume is an intermingling of floral notes, sparkling and fine, which merge with sensual, seductive and spicy elements.
Chance Eau Fraîche is a sparkling Floral Eau de Toilette designed in 2007
Fresh and imaginative. Cedar Apple is thin peeled, the woody notes of vetiver bring fresh vitality and energy, the new note of Teakwood is strong compelling.
Chance Eau Tendre – Fruity Floral – Eau de Toilette designed in 2010
A radiant and delicate cocktail with fresh sweet scents, heated by the round and feminine note of White Musk. While a flowery garden is blowing a breeze with notes of jasmine.
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