Sheen Supreme Lipstick

Supremely Confident - Pale nude (creme)
Happy Hibiscus - Creamy white pink (frost)
Fashion City - Neutral coral pink (creme)
Bare Again - Pinky neutral beige (creme)
Tea Ceremony - Neutral beige pink (creme)
Sheer Mandarin - Mid-tone yellow orange (creme)
Korean Candy - Bright orange-red (creme)
Supreme Style - Light coral-pink with pearl (frost)
Royal Azalea - Bright mid-tone pink (creme)
Blossom Culture - Soft pink with pearl (frost)
Zen Rose - Bright mid-tone fuschia (creme)
Insanely It - Watermelon pink (creme)
Asian Flower - Creamy lavender (creme)

Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Jasmine Honey - Light cream beige (frost)
Fuji Pink - Pale peach with low level pearl (frost)
Moon Beach - Warm light beige with pearl (frost)
Cherry Fest - Rose with high level pearl (frost)
Sweet Bean - Cool beige with pearl (frost)
Almond Blossom - Pale pink with high level pearl (frost)
Mango Sheen - Bright coral with pearl (frost)
Asian Butterfly - Lilac with pearl (frost)
Imperial Red - Bright rose with pearl (frost)
Dress Kimono - Midtone frosted plum (frost)
Black Tea - Deep brown with pearl (frost)

The Sheen Supreme Lipglasses sounds amazing! They lipglasses will be the click pen style packaging



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