Guerlain fall 2012 collection -the lipsticks part-

Hi girls,
Beautiful news from Guerlain. This fall (available from end of august) the french trademark will issue with:
a new lipstick, Rouge G de Guerlain l'Extrait.
  1. Packaging very similar to the old Rouge G. with mirror included!
  2. Same opening technique of Rouge G. 
  3. Inside the liquid lipstick (not gloss)with rich colors
  4. Anti aging and smoothing formula
  5. Finish:completely opaque on lips (A very Femme Fatale!)
  6. Feel comfortable, easily washable for remove it.
available from end of august in 7 delightful and fatal shades:
M06 Avarice, M41 Envie, M65 Paresse, M25 Colère, M71 Gourmandise, M69 Orgueil, M27 Luxure.

(the seven deadly sins. mine is Gourmandise !! and yours? beautiful idea and collection)

New shades of lipstick Rouge G: two red, pink, orange and beige:
27 Guild, Genna 28, 47 Gisela, 76 Gracy, Bonnie B04

Lèvres Stylo pencil - the shade of beige nude Rouge Dahlia and 42 Bois des Indes

KissKiss Glitter Gloss -851 Sable Show and 873 Grenade In 

Bon, I will come back in the afternoon with the second part of the collection.
Stay connected.
all images by Guerlain.


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  1. amazing as always! I'm waiting for the eyeshadows part now!

  2. ciao, eccoci! Ti aspettiamo anche da noi:

    Ricorda: fino al 6 luglio puoi partecipare per vincere il nostro regalo!

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