Collection Rouge in Love Lancome 2012

La nuova collezione di rossetti Lancome Rouge in Love sarà composta da 24 tonalità, suddivise in tre differenti linee, che rappresentano i momenti della giornata di tutte le donne giovani e moderne – mattina, pomeriggio e notte – in ognuno dei quali è possibile creare un look ideale. I tre “Love moments” sono: Jolis Matins, Boudoir Time e Tonight is my night.
La collezione di smalti Lancome Vernis in Love sarà composta da 22 tonalità, suddivise sempre fra i tre momenti della giornata – mattino, pomeriggio e sera.
The new collection of Lancome Rouge Lipstick in Love is composed of 24 tones, split into three different lines, which represent the periods of the day for all women young and modern- morning, afternoon and night - each of which you can create a look ideal. The three "LoveMoments" are: Matins Jolis, Boudoir and Time Tonight is my night.
The collection of enamels Lancome Vernis in Love is composed of 22 tones, always divided between the three moments of the day - morning, afternoon and evening.

Vernis in Love (10 colors for the morning)
020M Pure Narcisse
154M Miss Coquelicot
179M Madame Tulipe
350M Rose Thé
147M Rouge Valentine
300M Rose Plumeti
311M Jolie Rosalie
220M Jolis Matins
105M Corail In Love

Vernis in Love Boudoir Time (6 colors) for the afternoon
501B Aquamarine
573B Bleu de Flore
343B Rose Pitimini
419B Violette Coquette
112B Rouge In Love
375B Rose Boudoir

 Vernis In love Tonight in my night (8 colors) for the evening
240N Beige Dentelle
250N Beige Poudré
270N Chocolat Mordoré
473N Rouge Réglisse
280N Cosmopolitain Kaki
585N Noir Caviar
407N Gris Angora
441N Midnight Rose


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  1. I have 170n rouge in love lipstick.
    which nailpolish you think goes best with this lipstick?
    thnx in advance..

    1. Hi,
      With the 170n goes best 105M Corail in love nail polish. Very beautiful together for this spring-summer !!!
      Good purchase.

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